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Midnight Oil

Well I did it again.

Up till the wee hours, having had too much caffeine (ie, some) too late in the day (11am).  I knew this would happen when I had a couple of sips (only a couple, honest) of that energy drink, but I drank it anyway.

Too much on my mind? Well yes, that too.  So much fabric sorting and ironing to do. Buying expeditions are fun hard work (and necessary when you work with as much reclaimed fabric as I would like to) but the washing and ironing does pile up when you are buying what is essentially secondhand clothing. Hence the washing and ironing.

If there’s enough sunshine to take photos when all the fabric is clean and respectable,  I’ll try to post a couple of pics so you can see how much I’m talking about. Not mammoth amounts, but more than my normal week’s worth of laundry for my family. All destined to be turned into pretty things, bags, corsages, and anything else that takes my fancy (or I’m asked for).

Thanks for dropping by, see you again soon.

Claire Bear

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