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A stack of ironing

So, more about that fabric I talked about last post.

I shopped and I washed and I hung it out to dry, and the weather was still sunny, so I thought “I’ll take some photos, so I have a visual record of what I bought, not just a written description and a load of receipts.”

lots of pretty colours, and some plants that might not have survived the winter

Can you see my obsession fascination with colour?

I mean, who stacks their ironing in colour order like this?

I see this and I think “There’s a lot of pinkness in there and quite a lot of blue as well”. I love the dark purply-pinks. I have a few friends who are very into teals and turquoises, so I guess I bought it all with them (and me) in mind really.

Not all of it’s destined to be flowers and brooches and little pretty things.  Some of it (you see that mix of spring-type colour there in the pile on the right, and the green check bottom left, and maybe that deep blue with the splash of green in the middle ?) is going to be tote-style shopping bags that fold away into a little self-contained pouch to put in your pocket or handbag, all ready for when you buy stuff and don’t want those boring and ugly plastic carriers cutting into your hand.

I need a shopping bag that has a handle that’s long enough to go over my shoulder if I want, but short enough that I can carry it in my hand if I need without it catching on the ground. I need a shopping bag that isn’t only good for shopping. I want a shopping bag that doesn’t look like a shopping bag, I want one that looks good and colourful and makes people say “I love that bag, where did you get it?”.

I mostly make things with myself or close friends and family in mind.

If you see anything you like, message me and I’ll make something with you in mind too.

Thanks for popping in.

See you again next weekend?

Claire Bear

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