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A broken computer…

…is the reason why I haven’t blogged for a while.

Having my own PC is a fundamental of my life.

Other people may play on them, but I use mine a lot: as storage for photos, instructions and essays; as an anti-dyslexia tool (spellchecker rocks, plus I can look up the word I can’t remember by typing the meaning into a search engine), running my ebay/etsy/folksy shops; and blogging (plus a little bit of facebooking).

I also use my PC a lot in my “other life” as an adult numeracy teacher, and for the college/university courses that I am working my way through to get better qualified.

So losing my PC is a major moment, and I would just like to record its demise.

First it got a virus/trojan thingy (thingy being a technical term, obviously) that pretty much wiped my whole hard drive. So many photos, documents and pdf’s lost, I almost cried. I managed to save a few on to a series of memory sticks, and then promptly lost one.

Then, we (and by we I mean Mr ClaireBear, who is a computer geek for a living) got me a fresh hard drive and loaded it with almost all of the software that I had before.

This worked for exactly one week before the motherboard overheated catastrophically and welded the processor to a heat sink. Then, in a fit of independence, the processor unclipped itself from the motherboard and delaminated itself (split itself into two, like when you take the lid off a sandwich to see what’s inside).

If you have no idea of what goes on inside a PC, suffice it to say that this is bad. Very bad. Completely terminal, in fact (sorry about the pun).

A moment’s silence please for my old PC, now interred.

My new PC has been built (by Mr ClaireBear) and I am independently online again! Yippee!

College essays can now be completed, online shops updated and blogging can happen.



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