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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME (living in interesting times)

Today is my birthday and I’m 42.

It’s a bit of a cliché to review the previous year on one’s birthday, but I prefer it to getting morosely drunk on New Years Eve and crying.

This last 12 months has been interesting. Interesting as in the old chinese curse “may you live in interesting times”-type interesting.

11 months ago I was made redundant from a job I love, and spent a whole month catching up on sleep.

10 months ago my youngest left home to go to university and my oldest (of my two children, or should that be younger and elder?) didn’t.

9 months ago I started selling stuff (mostly fabric ) on ebay under the username  “Claire Bear Books and Fabrics”.

7 months ago I started a facebook page using the same name, and started showing off all of the sewing that I had done over the past few years.

6 months ago I opened two shops on etsy and the same 2 on folksy, 1 for the same stuff (fat quarters, and other sewing supplies) that I was selling on ebay, and the other aimed at finished stuff.

5 months ago I found out I am dyslexic.

4 months ago a friend volunteered to do some graphics for my online shops and we both had good fun thinking up logos and avatars and banners (oh my!)

3 months ago I revamped the cards I send out with purchases

2 months ago  I started this blog and then my computer died

1 month ago I developed arthritis

1 week ago it was diagnosed

At some point I stopped chemically enhancing (colouring) my hair and started to let the grey grow.



I can colour it again any time I like.

At some point I decided that life’s too short to work too hard for too long. That fewer hours, plus the chance to do something creative and colourful as well would work for me. That even working full-time in teaching I’m never going to be rich, but I need to be sane and happy (or at least not stressed and exhausted, see comment re “I slept for a month”).

I have discovered so much in the last year, most of it just understanding why I am who and how I am.

I already know some things that will happen in the next year.

My daughter will go to university, so I’ll be a long-distance mum for two adults.

I’ll move home so that Mr ClaireBear and I can live together at last. Without the ghosts of relationships past that haunt this house.

What else? Hopefully a university course for me, part-time.

Hopefully a teaching job for me, part-time.

Hopefully I’ll manage my health and pain issues better, although I’m going to be rolling with the punches on that one.

Hopefully Handmade by Claire Bear will go from strength to strength.

This year has been an interesting one. I hope next year will be too.

2 responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME (living in interesting times)

  1. morethanaspoonful May 31, 2011 at 12:06

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing this. Life is always interesting – it’s the little lessons we learn and the people we meet along the way that make it worth while.

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