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Catching up / new fabric

This last month or two has kind of got away from me a little bit.

I’ve had so much stress with writing essays and putting together a portfolio for the qualification I’m doing at college (my other life is maths teacher for adults) that I’ve got really behind in listing the fabrics I have, on folksy and etsy.

It was only yesterday  at a car boot sale I did, when I got talking to a lovely guy that does quilting that I realised how much fabric I have that isn’t in my etsy or folksy shops. It was probably when I said to him “I’ve got lots more fabric online” that I realised that right now I haven’t!

So this week I’m catching up.

I accidentally deleted all the clairebearshop photos off my memory stick, as you do, but I’ve redone them now.  Aren’t they pretty?


Apart from that, all is good, and by the weekend lots of gorgeous fabric will be listed in my

on      and 

Heavier, upholstery type fabrics to follow in a week or two .

Go on, have a look.

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