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The first quilt I made

The imminent arrival of my first niece (the rest are nephews) prompted a flurry of sewing activity in the ClaireBear home earlier this year. My first ever attempt at a quilt, I wanted something fairly simple to start with, that would look great when finished. I went for a variation on a stack of coins, with very thin wadding (a cotton flannel sheet) and a fluffy fleece back. I wanted a variety of textures as well as pattern and colour, and decided to go for a rainbow-style colour layout.

Not bad for a first go, I think.

I used what I had to hand, mostly reclaimed fabrics (yes, I mean old bedsheets, throws and scarves) and I  found 2 long pieces of 3 inch wide  ribbon to use around the edge instead of trying to bind for the first time with 1 inch bias binding.

This photo is not the best, but the quilt was finished after dark, on the night before I was due to see the little one, and was machine washed and dried overnight (to remove the bloodstains from where I’d picked my fingers). Then it rained all day both before and after the 100 mile drive to see the new arrival, so I didn’t have a chance to do a decent photo in natural light that I would have preferred. If it helps, the fabric around the two stripes of colour is white, the ribbon binding is baby blue and the fleece backing is baby pink.

I chose pink for the backing because she is the only girl in a family of boys, and I chose the blue binding because she is a girl in a family of boys! I also forgot to add a little panel with her name and mine and the date, but I can always add that later.

I’m very proud of it, although it’s not finished as well as I would have liked. If I had it back, I would probably rip out a lot of the quilting stitching and start again. It took me a long time to recover from the last minute rush to finish it, but I would love to do this quilt again for myself.

UPDATE: I found a website called Picnik.com where you can correct photos as you would using Photoshop or something similar.  I’ve corrected the cast in these photos resulting from having to shoot them indoors by lightbulb light instead of outdoors with natural daylight. They look so much truer to their actual colours now.


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  3. Candace July 27, 2011 at 15:14

    Very bright and cheerful! I’m sure your niece loves it. Be sure to get my free patterns. They are very quick and easy for a beginner.


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