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This is so wasted on children

I want to move home so badly at the moment, I can’t stop myself getting distracted.

A little while ago, my future mother-in-law very kindly offered to take me and her son shopping in Ikea to get a fresh set of crockery and pans and such for our new place and I had to say “yes please, but not yet” so that we could wait for the summer “pack the kids off to university” offers. (I’m not paying that much, even if it’s not me paying).

Mr ClaireBear has been laughing at my “bottom drawer” (actually a large tote bag in my wardrobe) with new bedding in for a year or so. He couldn’t understand why I was buying stuff now (a year ago) when we weren’t going to be able to move in together for ages. I tried to tell him that I’m fed up of rushing round,  hunting for things at the  last minute and having to pay full price, and I’d like a chance to find some of the smaller stuff for us gradually, especially if it works out a lot cheaper.

Isn't it pretty?

I spotted these beautiful mugs in the sale in Dunelm Mill yesterday. I told Mr CB that I’d bought a set of four with different flowers on them for £3 and that I was going back today for another 2 sets. From his reaction, I think he’s accepted that there’s really no point trying to stop me now.

They all have beautiful flowers on them, and nice wide bases too. I’ll have my work cut out trying to knock them over with my legendary clumsiness! The other three in the set are poppies, something with yellow pompoms and something else with greeny-pinky flowers on.

These bookshelves are so wasted on children

The point of this explanation was to show you this shelving idea from Penny Carnival.  Can you see the little yellow hanging shelves she made out of fabric on the back wall there? Just think what else I could put in them, and how many I could put up without having to dust hard shelving. I wouldn’t bump into the corners either. And then when I get bored with them, I can just make new fabric sleeves for them and have a different look!

I love her ideas but think that they would work much better in my room.

Much, much better.

So wasted on children.


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