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No, it’s not just you

I’ve been catching up on my blog reading this morning (aka putting off the tidying up and sorting out that I had decided to do today, never mind, the mess will still be there this afternoon) and I’ve found a few new ones too.

I particularly love this blog post by Quilt Jane on her blog  Want it, Need it, Quilt!

No, it’s not just you Quilt Jane,  the security words are getting ridiculously long and squashing together more too!

Heaven help people who comment on other people’s blogs who have dyslexia or vision problems, and dogey hearing as well. I frequently have to click to get an alternative one that I can actually read!

Oh well, back to procrastinating blog reading.

Have a good weekend.


new fabrics on spoonflower

I thought you might like a sneak peek of the new fabrics I will soon be selling on Spoonflower.

I’ve been working some of my own photographs
, manipulated into designs that would work on fabric. I think I have a bit of a big-small-smaller theme going on, can you see what I mean?

pale spring sunsetpale sunset abstractpale sunset stripe

this one (above) started as a sunset (so all of the fabric names include the phrase “pale sunset”)

sunshine through stormy clouds stormy clouds abstractstormy clouds stripe

this one stared as one of those sun-breaking-through-grey-cloud-moments that only seem to happen when I don’t have my camera, but ha! I did this time! (all of those fabric names include “stormy clouds”)

There are more designs up on Spoonflower (“garden” and “woodgrain”), and by the time you have read this, all of the samples should have  been delivered to me, I will have approved them and they will be available to be bought by other people and not just me!

PS, every time I order proofs from Spoonflower, I get this cute little bit of fabric for free (I guess it’s like me including my business card!)

Hexalong update

Well it looks like I’ve talked myself into joining the Hexalong on lily’s quilts and on gayle brindley’s blog.

I’ve been cutting templates for the hexagons (I’m using the English Paper piecing method that I recognised it as a method I used in my teens, and no, I still haven’t found the cushion cover I made back then, although I have found some other things I sewed a long, long time ago) and I also cut 600 4 inch squares for another quilt project, and now I just hurt.


In itself pain in not new (I’m doing physio for my back, have arthritis in both knees, etc.) but my hands and upper back don’t normally ache. (I’m guessing I was slumping, and that’s why my back is hurting now)

I haven’t even started cutting fabric for the hexalong yet. Mind you I have some ready cut (no, not yesterday squares, other stuff from a little while ago).

I only need about another 600 squares, and then I can start my hexagons. I’ve found some cool shapes within a hexagon form that I can stitch together to make hexagons, before I stitch the hexagons together to make the quilt.

I promise I’ll keep you posted and maybe include some photos as soon as I start stitching. By hand. More ouch.

Maybe I should look into getting voice-recognition software so I can still blog without having to use my hands to type for a while.



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