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New fabrics on Spoonflower

I’ve designed some project fabrics on Spoonflower.

In case, you don’t already know, Spoonflower is a US-based company that will print any design that you upload to their website.

This means that you can create your own designs and get them printed, or you can see what other people have created and order some of theirs. Spoonflower then print the exact amount of the design you chose in the type of fabric you asked for, and despatch it straight to you. I get a message from Spoonflower that someone has chosen one of my fabric designs, so I can send you a thank you email.

A project fabric is one that is designed for a specific task, usually to be made into shaped cushions or in the case of the one below, to be made into small padded blocks for children (or indeed adults) to “play” with to improve their literacy or numeracy.

Each number or sign is inside a 3 inch square, which will give you 2 inch blocks with a 1/2 inch seam or slightly bigger 2 1/2 inch blocks if you can manage a 1/4 inch seam. I’ll put post some photos of finished ones as soon as I can.

plain numbers

Hop on over to my shop on Spoonflower and see for yourself. While you’re there you can have a sneak peek at my designs-in-progress too.


2 responses to “New fabrics on Spoonflower

  1. Astrid at Redredcompletelyred July 16, 2011 at 19:16

    What a clever idea! I imagine you stuff them with foam? I’m excited to check out your new designs…

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