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My only attempt…

…at making a soft toy. What do you think?

In this photo she’s sunning herself on the step of the chalet that we rented so I could be on-site at an event where I had a stall. By we, I mean me and Mr ClaireBear in his capacity as chauffeur.

I made CBTB (Claire Bear’s Teddy Bear) as a promo for that stall, and thought I’d go with the pink theme of my logos/online shop banners/business cards/etc  (plus I happened to have some really cool pink spotted fleeces in my stash that I wanted to make something for me to keep for once).

She’s mostly machine stitched, apart from the eyes, nose and last bit of seam hidden under her dress (I would show you, but it would be rude to look up her dress really, wouldn’t it?). Mr ClaireBear asked me if she (she’s really, really pink, so I think she probably  is a she, don’t you?) had a name and I said “Of course she has a name, she’s “Claire Bear’s Teddy Bear”!”.

CBTB has now joined the Claire Bear team.

In addition to CBTB, the CB team consists of me (design and making, plus publicity), Mr ClaireBear (transport and miscellaneous support services with occasional catering), and Betty (fitting and modelling) who I will post a photo of at some point.

I love CBTB, but she’s a bit lopsided to say the least.

I though of her when I saw a post about this fawn by Jo at  The Magic Maggenpie

Jo is braver (and better) than I am in making a soft toy.  I love how you can see the stitching all over, and the eyes are HUGE.

Oh well, enough looking at other people’s work, better get back to my own.

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