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Bad blogger

Where did the summer go?

The last two months I seem to have been going round in circles, chasing my tail. Is my home organised and tidy like I wanted? No

Do I have a tutoring job for the new term? No

Have I moved home yet? No

Have I got a lot of sewing done? No.

Any sewing at all? No (hangs head in shame).

So where did the time go?

Admittedly, I have read quite a lot…. and I have had a fair few medical appointments… and I’ve had to take my car off the road because I can’t afford to run it without a job… so I’ve been getting the bus to medical appointments which takes longer. But even so.

I haven’t even spent loads of time blogging. (Bad blogger!)

My garden is tidier, and I have been helping my future MIL with hers (which is a lot bigger than mine). I have been job-hunting like billy-o… and I did do a couple of car boot sales.

and I have volunteered for the Birmingham Book Festival (Birmingham UK, not Birmingham USA, that would be a long bus ride!). Mostly because I miss being with people and part of something bigger (find details here).

The only downside of teaching is that you spend zero time with colleagues (if you even have colleagues) and all of your time either with your learners/students or on your own marking and preparing.

I have no complaints about being with my learners, I wouldn’t do the job I do if I didn’t like being with people who want to be better at something, or want to change their lives. I don’t object to being left in peace to make notes and prepare for my next class either.

But it’s nice to be around people who think the same as you, or do the same thing as you do.

OK, I admit I like seeing how other people do the same things as me so I can pinch their ideas, but only the good ideas and when asked I do say where I got the idea from. I think it’s called learning from example.

Thank you all for bearing with me over this summer, normal blogging service will now be resumed, promise.


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