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Not even my birthday

I know I’m a little late with my weekend post, but I’m kinda late with everything at the moment. Can we just say I’m early with the mid-week one?

A few months ago, I sent an e-mail to my mum.

I get cold in the winter, and when I’m cold all those niggerdly past injuries from a very active (and slightly clumsy) life in my twenties start to hurt.

A lot.

I also have man hands, maybe not in width and chunkiness, but definitely in length. Most ladies gloves aren’t big enough, if I can get them on they never cover my wrists, and my sleeves aren’t ever long enough either. So I always have cold wrists.

The link is to one of the Purl Bee’s little gems that I spotted a while ago, and really liked, but don’t have the skills for. (Click on the photo for the link to Purl Bee)

On the other hand, my Mum is a champion knitter. I can remember her sitting on the sofa watching Coronation Street knitting away every night for most of my childhood.

I’m a knit-a-row, purl-a-row kind of knitter. Slow and simple, I get there eventually. Scarves are great, anything more complicated than that is never going to happen. Mum can do complicated things with multiple needles, I still drop stitches.

Mum knows (well, anyone who ever met me knows) that blues, purples and reds are my kind of colours. I’m not really a green person, although I do like a little bit now and again. Mint-green, grass-green, fine.  Lime green, not so much.

Just to illustrate, the colours of my t-shirts are as follows: 1 black, 1 white, 2 green, 10 in red pink or purples, 10 in varying shades of blue. Yes, I really did just go and count them.

I also have 24 t-shirts. Don’t judge me, I’m just not a blouse kinda girl.

Look what arrived in the post (mail) last week.

And it’s not even my birthday!

Needless to say, I love them.

Forgive the quality of the photography, it’s difficult to take a photo of your own hand with a camera phone without getting a blur or missing out some of the length of these  babies.  I wouldn’t look too closely at the state of my nails either.  Please.

You get the idea anyway, and the colour’s spot on.

I’m happy. Very, very happy. I like my new hand-warmers.

I can do stuff and still have warm hands (and warm wrists). Yay!

Thanks Mum.

Claire Bear

PS, I know it’s a bit of a cheat to put this post in the  “Claire Bear makes” category when it’s actually Claire Bear’s Mum made,  but I’m not adding an extra category just for one thing. OK?

3 responses to “Not even my birthday

  1. Modmissy October 16, 2011 at 07:41

    I love handwarmers especially the ones that have long sleeves. I have some that are just the sleeves without the thumb holes. Enjoy your early Happy Birthday present!

    • Handmade by Claire Bear October 16, 2011 at 14:04

      Last winter, I made some handwarmers out of an old t-shirt that didn’t fit any more. I’ll probably post the tutorial and a photo at some point.
      I’m enjoying my warm hands, particularly now the weather’s turned.

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