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New stamp

I’m so (sew?) excited, my new stamp has arrived, so I can now brand my fabric creations with my Claire Bear logo.

I already had the text stamp, but I wanted my little bear logo (or something close enough to be  recognisable) to add as well.

I found a lovely lady on Etsy who made one for me, and it arrived today in the post.

I tested it straight away (well what would you expect!) and it prints lovely, and works on fabric as well as paper.

I’m using Versacraft ink, so that I can heat-set the image on the fabric (aka ironing).

All of my fabric-based goodies can now have a stamped label sewn in, so you will always know which ones you bought from me (click on the “customer appreciation photo below to see Little Grey Clouds’ Etsy shop).

Happy Claire Bear 🙂

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