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Is it bad…

…that I want to do this?


In spite of my frequent complaints about how messy and chaotic my home is (or perhaps my complaints are a sign of how naturally tidy/organised I am, don’t laugh, it’s possible) I love to see things straightened up.
OK the alphabet soup is a little extreme, and further than I would go (probably), but the car park? I’d love to!
Sorted is an Australian blog that help people organise and de-clutter. I would post a photo of any room in my house to show how badly this help is needed, but I’m too ashamed. I can’t go to Sorted’s workshops because they’re a bit of a trek (Australia from the UK, probably not) but checking their website regularly seems to help me stay on track in the fight against my hoarding problem (only a problem because I can’t afford to live anywhere bigger, with more storage or room for storage).

http://blog.sorted.net.au/2011/09/19/for-the-love-of-tidy/ to see the rest of Sorted’s blog

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Good luck

Claire Bear

2 responses to “Is it bad…

  1. pippapatchwork October 19, 2011 at 23:09

    I LOVE these pictures! I definitely get in those compulsive cleaning moods 😉 In fact, I was in one last night and ended up dropping a hammer on my toe (I was finally hanging some pictures) so I’m pretty sure I broke my toe. But hey, when you’re in that cleaning mood…

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