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Reasons to feel guilty

I’ve a bit of a confession to make. You might think from this blog that I sew in my spare time every day and get a lot of sewing and fabric/needlework-type crafting done, but I don’t. I probably blog more than I sew, but I’m happy with the amount of blogging that I do, so I want to increase the amount of sewing that happens. I think that I’m spending too much time reading (about sewing, and about other stuff)  and that’s partly what’s using up my time.

I want to sew a lot, and I wish I did. In my head I do.  I think (and read, both real books and other people’s blogs) about sewing a lot,  but I never seem to get around to it.

The excuses reasons explanations for this are many, so here are a few:

  1. Last year when my son moved out to go to university, I spent a little bit of time cleaning out his bedroom and then I moved my sewing machine in there and declared it my sewing/crafting room.  I got a whole quilt done for my first niece, and various other little bits of sewing and stuff done. This worked really well, until he came home for the long summer holiday and needed his room back and I had to clear everything back out. I really miss my sewing room.
  2. When I cleared my stuff out of my son’s room so he could sleep in it, I  just dumped everything in a rush in my living room, to sort out later. Big mistake. I can’t sew on my machine when it is buried several feet deep in “stuff”, or find anything that I want and the messiness in my living room stressed me out so much I just wanted to curl up in a ball in the corner, so it took a very, very long time to get it sorted so I could finish my friend’s cloak .
  3. Not being able to do what makes me happy and keeps me sane (mess about with fabric, cut fabric, stitch fabric, etc) makes me stressed, leading to curling up in a ball in the corner. All of this stressing and getting nothing done makes me feel guilty, which adds to the stress, and leads to more curling up in the corner.
  4. I am also trying to find a teaching job (I each basic maths to adults who didn’t get their maths qualifications in school), and to reduce the amount of furniture and belongings I have so that I can move to a smaller home, preferably on the ground floor (I have arthritis in both my knees.  People have commented to me about the noise that my knees make when I’m walking up and down stairs. Usually they think it’s my shoes/trainers or the stairs that are creaking that loud. No, it’s my knees. The joints are basically just grinding away into nothing, and stairs produce the most strain on the joints and the most pain.  I am happy to walk a longer distance if it means that I can use a slope of otherwise avoid steps and stairs. It’s not about being too lazy to do stairs, I walk miles on the flat. I just want to make my knee  joints last as long as I can).

There is no reason why finding a job, preparing to downsize my home and sewing/ClaireBear blogging can’t all play an equal part in my life and in my day. It’s just three things, right?

I know that I procrastinate.  A lot.

I will cut down on my reading to free up some time and I may investigate using an RSS reader to read other people sewing and crafting blogs that I like instead of the mix of email subscriptions and web browser bookmarks (by the way have you spotted the RSS feed for Handmade by ClaireBear in the column on the left hand side of your screen?) that I currently use (badly).

Does anyone want to suggest a good RSS reader? I have no idea.

If anyone wants to make me feel better by telling me that they are just as bad at getting things done as I am, that would be cool too.

Sorry about the lack of fabric-y goodness, but I do feel a bit better now that I’ve vented. Normal blogging service will now be resumed.



P.S. I just wanted to leave you with something sewing-y and Guy Fawkes night-related.

I love this potholder that I found on a blog somewhere. It was for sale but at the moment they are sold out.

4 responses to “Reasons to feel guilty

  1. Victor Unch December 27, 2011 at 18:46

    Hello, I log on to your new stuff on a regular basis. Your story-telling style is awesome, keep doing what you’re doing!

  2. Angella Evilsizor November 3, 2012 at 13:09

    This post has been saved like a favorite :), I like your site!

  3. Oakley March 21, 2014 at 07:53

    Come on, now. I hear you’re feeling down. Well I can ease your pain, Get you on your feet again.

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