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Blast from the past

I may have mentioned that I’m (supposed to be) having a giant clearout in preparation for moving home so that I can live with Mr ClaireBear.

He’s been very patient for the last couple of years, waiting for my two kids to finish growing up and go off to university. Now I have an empty house that is too big for me, it’s time for the pair of us to live together at last.

The house I’ve rented for the last 14 years and my kids have grown up in is too big for just the two of us.  I’m developing mobility problems (mostly stairs because of the arthritis in my knees), so I want a smaller place on one level. Apparently, he’s happy if I’m happy, which is a pretty good attitude for a bloke to take I think.

My Mum (who made my fingerless gloves/wrist warmers mentioned in this post) and Dad are having a similar clearout now that they have both retired. They want to move from the house that they own, that I and my brother and sister grew up in, to somewhere smaller and easier to manage.

Now, my brother and sister did the university thing and spent a while moving around afterwards, so they still had stuff at Mum and Dad’s, mostly in the loft. I cleared a lot of stuff out when I moved into my current home, so I didn’t expect to have anything left at Mum and Dad’s.

Look what I got in the post today

Yes, I must admit, I found this and immediately thought that Mum had finally lost the plot.

(Mum, if you’re reading this, I do love you, but you’re not getting any younger and I worry, OK?)

As this was in a parcel with other things, after a bit of fishing around, I found this and then it all made sense.

Do I remember these?  No, not really, but look it’s got my name label sewn on it!

As far as I can work out, these were the scissors I needed for the sewing part of  “home economics” at school when I was about 11 or 12 years old. We were told to get our own pair of small sharp pointy scissors for cutting threads off hand-sewing and the like, and of course everything had to be named (labelled with the child’s name, we weren’t told to come up with a name to call our scissors or anything).

These are actually manicure/nail scissors. Obviously there were the smallest, sharpest, pointiest scissors that my 11-year-old self and my Mum could find at the time.

I know that I made the biggest stuffed toy mouse in the world in that sewing class, complete with dress and frilly apron. I’d forgotten about that completely. Our teacher had told us to bring in half a broom handle to stuff down its neck to make its head stop  flopping around.

Funny the things you remember. Do I remember the teacher’s name? No. But I can almost hear the way she would have to stop for breath in the middle of a sentence (the teacher, not the stuffed toy), probably due to asthma. When I was a kid, I don’t think asthma had been invented.

Do you have any recent discoveries that brought back memories? I’d love to know.

Claire Bear

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