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WIP ~ Quilt in progress

When my daughter went off to university (sorry, proud Mom moment there) she asked me to make her a quilt that she could throw over her bed when friends come to her room in halls, so that she can hide her mess. It didn’t have to be thick and warm, just big. She didn’t want cutesy Cath Kidson style prints all over it either (I was stunned when she said that, she has been CK mad for years now), she wanted something more grown up that she would still want to use in several decades time. (OMG, my daughter has finally got the concept of not buying something, using it twice and then getting rid of it! Sorry honey if you’re reading this, but it’s true. I love you anyway.)

A bit like the rainbow quilt I did, but much bigger and more colourful.

I cut the fabric for it a while ago before she left home, but I needed to finish this cloak first

Well the other night I got fed up with sorting out stuff for my new home, tidying and cleaning, so I started to sew.

(felt sooo good to be machine sewing again. Hello sewing machine my old friend, sorry I ignored you, I didn’t want to)

Here’s the pile of fabric that’s been sitting waiting for way too long:

The dark red/mauve at the bottom of the photo is the backing fabric, the rest is destined for the quilt.

This is how far I got in about 3 hours of chain piecing:

132 very big rectangles, joined together into 12 rows. No, it wouldn’t fit in one photo, yes I am rubbish joining photos together to make one long one.  Lots of ironing now, before I sew all of the rows together and then I can back and quilt it.

UPDATE: The day after I wrote this, I got fed up with this quilt already and ironed it while watching TV and sewed the strips together as well.  It now looks like this. It just needs a thin layer of wadding and the backing put on, and then I can quilt it with some variegated quilting thread in shades of brown and gold to match the chocolate brown binding that I choose for it.

Yes, it’s huge. No, not all of the corners match up, but I’m not stitching in the ditch on this one, so I don’t mind. I’m too scared to try free-motion quilting, but I’m going to try wavy lines instead of straight ones and a couple of patterns in the quilting (maybe).

Have you noticed that as soon as I start to blog about a piece of sewing  I haven’t touched for ages, I zoom ahead with it? This is the second one now, it went from piles of cut fabric to a completed top in 24 hours.

Maybe I should blog about my WIP’s more often?

What do you have on the go right now?

Claire Bear

2 responses to “WIP ~ Quilt in progress

  1. girl child November 17, 2011 at 11:18

    Erm, would like to say in my defence I don’t actually throw anything away, hence the ridiculous amount of crap I own. Excited for my quilt though mother dearest!

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