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WIPs on Wednesday

(in case you don’t already know, the initials W.I.P. stand for Work In Progress)

I thought I’d update you on what work I’ve got in hand at the moment, partly for your edification and partly as I’ve noticed that any project I blog about tends to get finished pretty quickly after blogging about it!

First up the hexalong that I’ve been following at  Lily’s Quilts and Gayle  Brindley’s Blog. It still looks like this:

colour hexalong almost finished

I’m debating whether to add another column of hexagons on the right hand side or not. Or I could add half hexagons in the top and bottom (to fill in the gaps) in a neutral colour and then… and then… I have no idea. It’s probably going to be  a wall hanging though, that much I have decided, I think…

Next WIP is my daughter’s quilt as a late birthday-and-going-to-university present. Her birthday was in February and she couldn’t think of anything she wanted so we agreed that I’d make her something to go to Uni with. She ‘s been at Uni for two months now, so I do mean late present. Oops.

Here’s what it looks like so far:

uni quilt topper

I’ve finished the backing for it: it’s a double flat sheet, but it wasn’t quite long enough so I’ve inserted a row of random rectangles slightly smaller than the ones on the top. It’s all ironed and ready to assemble, quilt and bind, so next week I might be able to show you the finished quilt!

My final WIP is still in my head, it’s another welcome quilt like this for a new baby which is due soon so I’d better get cracking! Here is a reminder of the previous welcome quilt I did:

This went down very well, so I want to do something similar but slightly different. This was made to be combination of welcome quilt, play mat, and extra warmth when the little girl grows up. I was aiming for beautiful rather than cute. I think I hit it, don’t you? (I’m rather proud of it, can you tell?)

Some of the fabrics have a different texture, sateen (satin made from cotton, so nice and shiny), velveteen (velvet made from cotton, so kind of furry), and ordinary quilting cotton. I had thought of using something that would crinkle noisily, but then decided against it, as it would make the whole quilt more babyish. If anyone wants to know the idea behind the quilt design and fabric choice, there are different colours and textures to stimulate the baby/toddler’s interest and development, a couple of different shapes in there too (squares and circles) for the same reason. See , I thought about it a lot.

The little baby’s due in three weeks. I don’t have much time to sew, never mind to redesign it. Mmm, I’ll probably go for something as similar as my current stash will allow. I’ve got some cool backing fabric I bought specially for it, but I’m not going to show you yet. I’ll keep you posted.

Claire Bear

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  2. Fredy March 1, 2012 at 07:29

    I’ve had one of those weeks too, and am just getting around to my WIP comments on Friday! That’s life. I think the aloha blocks/quilt is/are wonderful! What a great idea for a twist on fabrics. Sometimes I get so stuck in a rut fun way to break out! And good luck and keep going on your block of the month quilt. Hey we’ll all be older next year, and why not have a few blocks to show for that?

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