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Project Fabric tutorial

One of the things I like about Spoonflower.com  is being able to buy other people’s project fabric (fabric designs that others have put together that contain the pattern, and sometimes instructions too, for a toy, book, bag, bookmark…) and have a go at making a soft toy (or apron, ornament, skirt, etc) myself.

In retrospect I wish I’d got it in a heavier fabric, this is on quilting cotton and is a little bit thin, but what’s done is done, and it’s time I sewed it together.

First I needed to iron it;

then cut out the shapes OUTSIDE the thick lines;

(closely supervised by our cat, of course)

I carefully matched up the outlines on the fabric pieces right side to right side and machine stitched almost all the way around, leaving a gap to turn it the right way out and stuff it (as the fabric was quite thin fine, I also added an extra layer of cotton each side so that it wouldn’t rip or wear out as easily).  So now they all have a double layer of fabric, and are double stitched too (once from each side as I attached the extra layer of cotton).

The smoother (flatter, straighter) the curve on the stitching on the inside corners, the better the finished toy will be. This is what I mean:

I trimmed the fabric (with pinking shears, because I know what my trimming skills are like),  and clipped the inside curves and corners really closely so they would turn right side out properly. Then I stuffed them with child-friendly soft toy stuffing until they were nice and firm.

 You can see how the fabric on the rear wheel puckers a little, even before it gets stuffed. I stitched the curve too tight. The other curves next to the wheels turned out really well.

After I stuffed it, I looked at the light and thought:

“This is going to be played with an almost 2 year old and then by his tiny baby sister. That light on top is going to be the bit that gets ripped up/chewed off/bitten to shreds and then the stuffing will come out and that would be bad”

So I took all the stuffing out turned it back inside out, machine-stitched it, poked it back the right way out, stuffed it again, and stitched it up. If this had been a decorative item and not for little people to play with, I’d have left the light on top of the ambulance.

Voilà, a red ambulance (without a light, but he’s not even 2 years old yet so not a critic), a purple car and a little man.

Stuffed and ready to stitch closed. This car crash needs an ambulance. (I had to play with them just a little bit, just to check that it worked, honest.) New ironing board cover by the way, I managed to put several holes in my old one (with blue sky and white clouds).

My present for my sister’s little man as a distraction when his new baby sister needs attention.

Auntie ClaireBear

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