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WIPs on Wednesday on Friday

My usual Wednesday WIPs are late this week due to a number of factors, upcoming Xmas chaos, internet connection issues, and the birth of my new niece on Saturday night!!

She’s lovely, and beautiful, and cute, and she (and my sister) is/are doing well, I can’t wait to see them both (well to see them all, my nephew is seriously cute and cuddly). She’s out of hospital and at home now, keeping her Mummy, Daddy and her big brother on their toes.

Consequently, I have been distracted from sewing. My to-do list has not progressed as much as I had planned. 

This personal upcycling project is still at the sewing-the-new-collar-on stage. I’m going to visit my parents over Xmas and will have loads of time to hand-stitch this, so I’m not stressing over it any more. I will post a photo of it when it’s finished and show you what I changed.

This cloak is still a pile of fabric in the corner, although it might get done over Xmas when normal stuff (like shopping and medical appointments) will be on hold.

This is the quilt I am making for my new niece. The two spotty fabrics at the bottom are going to be turned into binding. I only started on Sunday (the day after she was born) and I’m quite impressed with how much of this I’ve got done. It will be my first ever attempt at making bias binding, it may be my last. I’ll let you know how I do it and how it turns out.

Do you want to see how far I’ve got with the quilt top? Do you? Really?

Oh, alright then, here’s the quilt top so far;

(You might have spotted that I decided against the extra-large rail fence blocks that I was contemplating in my last blog.)

I’m really quite impressed with myself. This is only my third quilt ever and, granted, it took about 5 months to decide on colour and pattern but 10 hours of cutting, sewing and ironing has got it this far. It’s not perfect, not all of the corners match up properly, but I’m going to live with that. The top’s not finished, it’s got white sashing to go around the edges before I start quilting. Now that I’ve finally made up my mind about which fleece backing it’s going to have, all I have to do is quilt it (in the couple of days after Xmas), then try not to tear my hair out cutting and making the bias binding to bind it with.

In case you’re interested, it took 14 fat quarters of fabric (one fat quarter of each colour or pattern) and if you completely ignore the colours, the blocks make a two panel basketweave pattern. I may do a how-I-did-it/tutorial in the future, but I need to finish it first!

Back to sewing

happy Claire Bear

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  1. Rachel Perkins December 26, 2011 at 19:38

    Hello there, I came across your blog when searching for good ideas for plants for a wedding party. You have some very nice pictures on this blog. Many thanks.

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