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WIPs on Wednesday

Back to normal after the excitement of a new baby, and the chaos that was me preparing to have my two children back from University for the holidays.

It’s Wednesday, so here are my WIPs! The quilt for my new niece is slightly further along than this:

but this is the most recent photo. It’s not perfect (some of the corners don’t meet) but it’s better than I’ve ever done before, so I’m happy. I still need to quilt and bind it, but I’m going to leave it like this for a week or two and focus on getting some smaller WIPs out of the way.

colour hexalong almost finished

This hexagon mini quilt is another thing that has been put on the back burner, mostly while I made up my mind what to do with it. I made it as part of a quiltalong (more here and here). It is now (probably) definitely going to be a wall hanging, I’ll let you know how I turned it from a pile of fabric into an object of quilting when it’s done.

This is now finished!

Here is my glamorous assistant (Betty) modelling it so you can see what it looks like now.


I don’t have a “before” photo, but if you imagine this poncho with a polo neck but without the deeper colour, that’s pretty much what it looked like.

Lovely, but it was slightly itchy around the neck. I’ve also grown a bit (a-hem, widthways) since my sister bought it for me .

 As well as changing the collar, I added a little bit to the length (it’s a long story, you can read it here). I’m impressed with myself that I was able to crochet and knit enough to upcycle this poncho, but it was hard work remembering how to do it, as I haven’t knitted or crocheted since when I was a teenager. You Tube has some wonderful videos that helped to remind me how to cast on and stuff. I’m so happy that I can start wearing it again.

I’m also finishing off making some presents for my family, I’ll let you see the results and where I found the tutorials next week (I will have seen my brother and sister and their families by then, I live about a hundred miles away from most of them, so I don’t see them on Xmas day, but go to my parent’s for a few days leading up to my Mum’s birthday just before New Year, and I see them all then).

Happy New Year

Claire Bear

More WIPs here

7 responses to “WIPs on Wednesday

  1. sartenada December 30, 2011 at 09:24

    Lovely. I love its pattern with so many “happy” patterns.

  2. Pilar Thelemaque January 31, 2012 at 05:26

    Hey there. I actually want to leave a short note and inform you recognize that I’ve been reading your wordpress blog for quite some time. Keep up the very excellent work and I am going to be browsing back another time quickly.

    • Monika March 1, 2012 at 15:02

      This makes me think back to my college fiber/textile art courses where it was important that we weren’t just following a pattern or making something pretty but pushing further to create concepts and transforming them into craft as art. And that can include functional objects like quilts as well. I prefer the natural, intuitive process of making and I like the way you put it, It’s a practice of being present . I really feel that way when I quilt, it’s the same feeling as when I’m painting or otherwise creating art. I just found the Mod-Mood quilt tutorial the other day and I started making a quilt inspired by it. It was more like discovering a technique than a pattern, which is what I love about it! The possibilities are endless.

  3. Vasile March 1, 2012 at 04:01

    You can! You can! Really it is not as hard as it looks. Have I planned my next project? yeeeesssssss! I actually will be posting later today my double bed quilt which I finished last night then I have three others in progress: a queen size quilt, and two lap quilts. And I am beginning to hoard fabric, and am thinking of more projects even as I write this. Addictive, this quilting! I’m proud of myself that I muscled through this one. I am such a perfectionist and it was hard to let go of that and just get it done and learn from my mistakes but now I’m glad I did.

  4. Balaji March 1, 2012 at 19:28

    Thanks for starting this series. I don’t use patterns and often grab the next fabric randomly, but I don’t always push myself in designing as much as true improv quilting could, because I’ve decided to just get the project done quickly and make something simple. But when I do improv quilting in the sense you’re talking about to find my voice and not copy anything I’ve seen before, I’m always happiest with the results (even if they’re not as suited for a gift for someone else, because they’re mine alone).

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