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WIPs on Wednesday

Wednesday already? It seems like only yesterday that I was playing with my nephew and cooing over my new niece. I visited my sister for a few days at the end of last week and handed over my latest quilt:

I take commissions, and I’ve already had a few enquiries about designing and making personalised quilts.

My brother-in-law asked what I was planning to do for the boys in the family, since the girls (the two youngest of my parents’ grandchildren, both born in the last 12 months) have both had quilts made especially for them. I’ve been wondering that myself, and trying to work out if quilts made using denim for the top and blue or green flannelette or fleece for the backing would work. This one from the Quilt Lovers Guide is pretty much what I had in mind:

Three denim quilts are a bit of a big ask at the moment, and I’m not convinced that my sewing machine would cope with sewing denim until after it’s been serviced, so I’ll get back to my WIPs and hopefully get some of the following completed this week.

I still have to turn this pile of fabric:

into a cloak like this:

but black with a bright pink lining. It’s been a pile of fabric for quite a while an embarrassing length of time. It’s a big sewing job, so big it’s kinda scary.

This piece, from  the hexalong  I did, is still waiting to be turned into something useful:

If anyone has any good ideas (or any ideas, I’m not fussy) answers on a postcard please.

Lastly, I still need to make the January blocks for Craftsy’s Block of the Month (that I am doing as a quiltalong)

These are the patterns for January’s blocks:

and this is the fabric I have chosen to make the whole year’s-worth of quilt blocks from:

Have I actually started sewing or even cutting any of this?


And on that bombshell (to quote a certain TV car programme)…

Claire Bear

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7 responses to “WIPs on Wednesday

  1. thecurvyspine January 18, 2012 at 13:54

    Your so talented! These are beautiful!

    • Handmade by Claire Bear January 18, 2012 at 17:30

      Thank you, I’m quite impressed myself. 🙂

      • Reyhan March 1, 2012 at 01:57

        On huge quilts, I don’t feel competent to quilt them myself so once they are pieced and sandwiched (ie: put batting between the top and the bottom), I take them to a professional quilter who has a huge long-arm quilting machine. She puts the quilt on her machine and quilt it to my specifications. Then I bring it home and bind it myself. It costs a little bit more to do this, but I like the results. I’ve found a woman who is quite experienced and is reasonable in pricing in a little town near me. I don’t have the skills (or confidence to quilt a huge quilt on my own). BUT, I do my own quilting on my machine when I have quilts which are lap quilts size or baby quilts (and I probably could handle a double bed size now). I sometimes just do straight line quilting, but I took a class for free motion and finally got up my courage to free motion a couple of quilts it is scary at first, but then it gets fun! I had to screw up all my courage and just jump in.

        • Handmade by Claire Bear March 1, 2012 at 10:06

          Reyhan, I agree with you regarding large quilts, and I would love to find a professional quilter near where I live to do this for me. So far I’ve only made quilts that I feel confident that I and my home sewing machine can manage on my (our?) own.
          I would love to make a double wedding ring quilt for our 6 foot wide bed, but I’m going to have to wait a while I think.

  2. Molly January 25, 2012 at 23:34

    love that zig zag quilt 🙂

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