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12 Signs You Are Addicted to Sewing

I loved this blog post from over on Sew Fearless that I had to share it with you. Hop on over to her blog, read it and then my answer (below ) will make sense.

Me, addicted? You tell me…

#1 and #3, definitely, especially at the moment,
I hadn’t even thought of #2.
#4, surely that’s just sensible
#5, an iron isn’t a household appliance, it’s a craft tool, and is exempt from the ban on appliances for birthdays.
#6, define “normal”
#7, doesn’t everyone?
no small children, so no to #8 and #9
#10, I tend not to name and shame my children, but they do know all of my current sewing projects.
#11, well, there is this monthly meeting I go to…
#12, usually three times a week, sometimes more

At sewing least it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble.

Sew Fearless

1. You are either sewing, or planning out when you will sew next. 

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