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WIPs on Wednesday

I’m ignoring all of the WIPs you may have seen over the last couple of months, in favour of actually getting something done.

Reminding myself of all the things I haven’t finished is all very well, but beating myself up takes time and I’m fed up of wasting time when I could be doing something more fun. So, here are my WIPs for this week;

A little hanging pouch for my specs when I’m not wearing them, otherwise they go on the same shelf as my keys and I’m always scared of getting them scratched (yes, I have a spare pair, but they’re not as nice).

I didn’t take putting-it-together photos, but the this tutorial is pretty close to how I made it, but without the velcro and the tags, and with a circular hoop made with plastic boning (doesn’t everyone have plastic boning in their stash? no? oh, how peculiar) and a ribbon loop. The outer fabric is Delilah from Tanya Whelan’s Grand Revival range for Free Spirit (I do like Free Spirit’s designs) and the inner is pink fleece to cushion my glasses. I didn’t measure anything (apart from against my glasses to make sure it would be long enough)  and I had to change the original magnet attachment to the mirror fixing, for a ribbon loop when I discovered that the magnet wasn’t string enough 😦

It only took me half an hour from thinking “I really want something for myself” to hanging it up on one of the fixings for the mirror in my hallway. Does this mean I’m back in the swing of sewing and blogging? No idea, I’m just taking things one day at a time.

I’m also working on upcycling this skirt:

into a tote bag (you know me and colour – is it really surprising that I bought this skirt specially to turn it into something else?). It will need a lining as this fabric is not very strong (or maybe it will be the lining, I’m not completely decided yet) and I’m thinking about how to turn the self-fabric belt into the bag strap. I really want a new bag, so this might get finished soon.

Claire Bear

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