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I wanna new bag….part 2

Trying to make this bag using this tutorial on the-japanese-art-of-folding-and-tying-fabric-to-make-bags (Furoshiki) on Craft Envy

with this stuff (ripstop nylon)

didn’t really work.

Two reasons,

1) maker error. The ripstop I had came in a 1 metre length and I didn’t want to cut into it too much, so I just squared it off and went with that.

Much. Too. Big.

2) ripstop is very light and and has no drape at all. This turns out to be a bad thing (two bad things if you’re going to be pedantic). It’s also very slippery and rustle-y and, to be honest, felt like I was carrying a bin bag tied over my shoulder. My idea to allow me to put one of my denim corsages on my bag without putting holes in the ripstop worked really well. As you can see I tucked a length of cotton tape (the white stripe a two-thirds of the way down the photo is actually a bit of cotton tape) into one corner before I tied it off, and this gave me something to pin the brooch to that I didn’t mind putting a hole in. (I didn’t bother pinning it on once I’d decided that the fabric wasn’t going to work)  I’ll have to remember this one!

I still liked the idea though so I decided it was time for a different fabric.

I looked through my stash very, very quickly. Mr CB was here by this time. I still wanted a new bag.

I was wearing a purple t-shirt and a purple fleece jacket so I picked a purple flame print quilting cotton, to reference the “Hot Rods and Motorbikes” theme of the afternoon.

See, I do think things through. Occasionally.

I squared off the 1 yard of fabric that I had, and did all the tying and stuff that is needed to produce the bag shape (I felt a bit like I needed a stick to hang it over my shoulder, but that’s not important right now).

I do think that the full effect of the bag is lost a little in the pattern of the fabric (and that this bag is half the height/length of the previous one) and the blurriness of the photo.

Easy? Oh, yes.

A good bag? Urm, well…yes and no.

Definitely a quick and effective way of getting an extra bag quickly and easily if you have too much to carry, and happen to have a very large square of fabric about your person. Not very secure for a handbag (purse) though, a couple of times I put the bag down and then found my purse on the ground next to it.

I love the idea though. Do I want to hem all round a piece of lightweight upholstery fabric to make another one? Not sure, I’m have to think about that.

I’ll probably make the purple flame fabric into a Japanese knot bag, like these, I would have made one on Saturday if I had more time:

Maybe even reversible, with my lovely purple flame fabric on one side and the purple ripstop on the other.

Yes, I’ve just spotted that this isn’t going to be a very secure bag either, but the innate roundness of the design should at least stop stuff sliding through the gaps.

I’ll keep you posted.

(Yes, this post has also suffered from premature publication, like the last-but-one. It published before I had  taken and added the last few photos. When I got home from my friends’ house (with loads more fabric to play with), I was too tired  to mess about with my camera and there was no light, even at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Tomorrow. Promise. Done now.)


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  2. Edith June 10, 2012 at 16:50

    heeeyyy!! just wanted to let you know I stopped by from the kickstarter class. I just wanted to let you know…LOVE THE STRIPES in the background. Edith

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