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For me – one bathmat

Ages ago I bought a lovely bathmat from Ikea (I love Ikea – just their fabric section can keep me happy for hours). Well it lasted for ages, looking lovely and blue (my favourite colour and obviously a good colour for my blue and white bathroom) and small and perfectly formed to fit in the minuscule space between the bath, the washbasin and the door. That is, it lasted well until a certain young lady of my family wasn’t as careful as she might have been when colouring her hair and got a big splodge of deep red hair dye on my lovely bathmat.

I put up with it for a bit and then decided that I could use an excess hand-towel for a bath mat instead. I have a whole set of duck egg blue (another favourite colour, which features in my living room) towels in the airing cupboard originally bought to deaden the sound of my son’s drums. When he went off to university the drum kit got packed away and the set of towels went to live in the airing cupboard with their new friends.

I’ve been looking for a replacement for the “dropped towel on the floor” look for a while now.  I’ve seen several I like,

this one:

this lovely one:

this one,

and this lovely one

But while they are all lovely, and importantly, do-able, nothing got me reaching for my clean used towels and quilting cotton stash. Until I saw this photo on Stichery Dickery Dock;

I’ve loved Cathedral Windows quilts since the first time I saw one, but how much work is in one? Too much.

So when I saw the link to Amy’s tutorial on her blog I clicked and then read through the tutorial.

Simple, maybe even easy. I know that this tutorial is for a playmat, but would this work with white towelling for the backing?

Well, I’ve spent all day waiting for the quilting cotton to wash and dry enough so I could iron it. I’ve even ironed all of my laundry while I was waiting for the quilting cotton to dry (desperate times…).  I’ve cut out the fabric circles (using a dinner plate as the template, because I don’t have Amy’s flash circle-drawing thingy) and now I’m stuck.

I have cut too many circles for a start (d’oh!). I think 3 by 3 will be a good size for my bathmat, so I cut out 9 towelling circles, and then 9 each of the two fabrics that I love and want to have in my bathroom. But I only need 4 of one and 5 of the other. Or I could have all the circles in the same fabric, but then I’d have to choose which fabric, and I can’t choose.

So I pinned some circles together to give myself an idea of what the finished mat might look like. I took some photos and I played with them on picmonkey to give myself all the options I could think of.  Now I need some help to decide which is best. Please bear in mind that my bathroom is white, with sky blue and white tiling and pale yellow painted walls above the tiles and pale yellow (non-slip vinyl flooring), and very small. Also the finished mat will be 3 by 3 but  the photos are only 2 by 2.

All batik

All stripe

Alternating batik and stripe


I really love the batik (it’s not real batik, it’s a print but I love it anyway and I don’t feel nervous about using it for something that’s going to get used a lot), but I want to use the stripe too. I suppose I could make two, one of each fabric and alternate them, but two bathmats? really?

I give up. What do you think?


11 responses to “For me – one bathmat

  1. Susan Being Snippy June 19, 2012 at 15:12

    Thanks,so much for mentioning my tutorial on making a bathmat. I love the cathedral window idea, too. I have a couple of towels in my cupboard and just might give the cathedral window a try. Oh, I just want to add, the one I made is still in use, about 2 years now, with a wash every week or so, it is holding up fantastic!

  2. Nikki June 19, 2012 at 15:43

    I vote for 2 bathmats! I made 2 when I did that project, and now that we have 2 bathrooms I’m really glad that I did. But even with 1 bathroom, it was nice to have a spare when I tossed the mat in the laundry!
    Thanks for linking to me!

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  4. Mafalda Flotow August 22, 2012 at 15:46

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  5. Roderick Biagas August 28, 2012 at 12:58

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  6. janice molina October 21, 2012 at 13:39

    Manoeuvring the quilt with FMQ was much easier than the walking foot method, but I was cringing the whole time I was doing it. I am a bit anal about my stitches being even. Hence the reason I always straight stitch, but with FMQ my stitches we soooo varied, super close together, way to far apart and my flowers were looking funny. I sort of wanted to scream! I just kept pressing on and got a little better as I went. I Aurifil 28wt white thread in my top and bobbin, which my machine handled very well, usually I would use 50wt or 40wt in my bobbin and 28wt in my top, but didn’t have enough so 28wt it was and I really loved the look.

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