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Stuff that hasn’t been put away properly

Now that my children are back from university for the summer and I’m a full-time mom again, I find myself having to remind them to put their things away. I’m getting last year’s answers too; “but what’s the point, the house is full of (insert your own choice of word here)”. Biting my tongue so I didn’t get distracted from what I needed to do (just do it please) but these words stuck in my mind.
As you might know, I’ve spent months being firm with myself, clearing out what I don’t need any more and trying to organise myself better. I’m now at the stage where all that’s left is stuff that hasn’t been put away properly or doesn’t have a proper home yet.
So I thought I would post about the organisation and storage “solutions” I have used and the ones I have yet to complete.

I’ve used this idea (and put it in an old photo frame) from Pickled Herring for my dangly earrings, so that they don’t tangle up together and so I can see what I’ve got (my word, some of those green earrings are long)

and a mug tree (yes, but a shiny mug tree) for my necklaces, bracelets and cuffs.

The rest of my jewellery is put away in a proper jewellery box, and I’m happy with how that works.

I’ve finally found the type of trouser hanger that Lindsay from The Cottage Home used for her ribbon storage idea,  as you can see not much of my ribbon is on spools, but I’m saving up my cotton reels to wind the longer lengths of ribbon on to as they just fit on the hanger.

(if anyone  else in the UK wants to do this, pop to Poundstretcher quick before they sell out)

Yes, I have quite a lot of ribbon. I like pretty, colourful things: ribbon is pretty and colourful. I buy 2m lengths at the Bullring Market to cheer myself up. There are worse things I could spend my 59p on.

I’ve already shown you the pouches for my spectacles, mp3 players, my long wrap and my hand-sewing-needlebook:

A while ago I posted a photo that Mayya from sewchicandunique found on Cindy from quainthandmade, which spurred me into folding my fat quarters and putting them away sensibly;

Although I don’t have the same type of drawers with the scoop-outs that Cindy has, I’ve done this with a spare chest of drawers that came down from the loft, and I’m very happy!

there’s still some fabric that hasn’t quite made it into the drawers, but I’m working on it. There are two more drawers in this chest, and I think I’m going to need them!

I haven’t yet finished storing my thread in a way that pleases me. At the moment they’re in old biscuit tins and clear plastic tubs so at least I usually know where they are and I can sometimes find what I’m looking for. I’m planning to do this with them, as soon as I remember to buy a huge picture frame from a charity/thrift shop.

My chances of getting my thread organised like this if I have to make a frame first are slim-to-none. If I put the nails in at an angle, I think I can hang the frame up without the reels falling off instead of having to prop it up so the frame is lounging against the wall.

Writing this now, I can see why I haven’t done much sewing lately, and I’m starting to feel better about it. Looking at my photos, I appear to be having a fuzzy day too. Oh well.

I’ll leave you with more photos of my precious, my babies, my beautiful, colourful quilting fabrics.

Organised ClaireBear

5 responses to “Stuff that hasn’t been put away properly

  1. pillowsalamode July 27, 2012 at 15:11

    Such great ideas! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. Oh Sew Tempting July 27, 2012 at 19:17

    Wow! You have been busy organising. I like all of those ideas 😀 Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. read more July 27, 2012 at 23:59

    Made my way to this webpage from google and and am very glad i found it, hope
    you keep up the good work.

  4. Dottie April 30, 2013 at 16:13

    My sister taught me to fold all fat quarters and fabrics less than a yard all the same way by folding the fabric in half; rolling it over a 4.5″ ruler; then folding the folded tube in half while sliding out the ruler. Now all of the fabrics stack up neatly. With a yard or larger (including 4 yards & up) keep the fabric in half salvage to salvage; then roll over a 6.5″ X 24″ ruler; slip the ruler half way out; fold the fabric in half, and there you have it. All of the fabrics stack neatly! My closet shelving unit looks beautiful like in the quilt shops!

    • Handmade by Claire Bear May 1, 2013 at 20:23

      What a simple explanation, I do something similar so that my fat quarters and half-yards fit in a chest of drawers that I keep specially for fabric.
      Lovely to read your comment,

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