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No sew zone

An update to this post:
I got the place on the course, I got a teaching job 3 days a week at first then 4 days a week. Still almost no sewing happening, but I might get a chance in the summer holidays. Doing a portfolio-based qualification at University is hard for a dyslexic like me, but I’m getting there.
My course tutor told me the other day, that half of my class is producing work that isn’t as good as mine, so apparently my written work is worth the wait.
I got so fed up with doing no sewing, that I made myself a handbag over Easter break (photos to come).
Will blog more when I get a chance.


The last few weeks (or maybe longer) my life has been full of job applications, job interviews, clearing out the house and tidying up what’s left. I rearranged my back room/study/computer room/boxroom a while ago on a whim, quickly shoving stuff into carrier bags to get them out of the way so I could paint the ceilings and the walls. I couldn’t put off unpacking those bags and putting away the contents properly  any longer.

I’ve had to get on with organising myself in case I actually get offered one of the (fab) teaching jobs I’ve applied for, as well as the one-evening-a-week placement I’ve already been offered so that I can do my Certificate in Education (UK qualification that allows/qualifies me to teach adults).  I went for a job interview, got offered a placement and a mentor for the course. Not a bad result, but I still need…

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2 responses to “No sew zone

  1. Samantha July 3, 2013 at 10:59

    Hello there, What is a good machine to purchase?Thanks again for the good information.

    • Handmade by Claire Bear February 12, 2014 at 13:09

      Honestly, I have no idea. I have 5 sewing machines at the moment and they have almost all been hand me downs, given to me when the previous owner moved home or passed away.
      I actually bought only one of them, and that was a cheap one because the one I owned at the time had just broken and it was quicker to buy a new one than hunt down someone reliable to fix the old one.

      I still have the broken one and am still hunting for a reliable repairer.

      If you want the opinion of a regular sewing machine user, work out what you will be using your new sewing machine for (patchwork, quilting, sewing curtains or other soft furnishings or making clothes) and go on a forum that it aimed at that kind of sewing enthusiast. You’ll find a discussion somewhere of the merits or the various manufacturers and their models.

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