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So I got hacked…

hackedI know I haven’t posted for quite a while, but I’ve been focusing on other things (my teaching qualification mostly and my day job – teaching).

I still check WordPress occasionally, usually when I supposed to be doing something else, and wade through the millions of spam messages (more about that in another post) deleting them and adding their IP address to my banned list.

It’s even rarer that I actually have a look at my own blog, so I don’t know what prompted me to do it today, but I noticed a post with a link that I know I haven’t added dated just a few days ago…

I’m guessing the “post via email” link in my email account has been used, which means that my email has been hacked/virussed/trojanned or something.

All anti-malware has now been run, passwords have been changed etc, but if you got an email from handmadebyclairebear on yahoo’s rocketmail, you might not want to click on the link in it.


back to normal, I leave you with a photo of my most recent quilt top (still waiting to be quilted)


denim quilt top

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