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Fabric Giveaway with Secret Garden Quilting

Lovely fabric giveaway. No-one is allowed to copy my comment, which for those not wanting to scroll all the way down is here :
Well knowing me, I’d unpack the pretty fabrics and leave them on my kitchen table for a week just so I could pet them and stroke them and tell them how pretty they are. Then, after narrowly saving them from a weekend-fried-breakfast-disaster, they would go in my back room with lots of other pretty fabrics to keep them company until I finish my undergraduate diploma and made them into a quilt for when I move into a new flat with my fiance (I made him wait 6 years while my teenaged kids grew up and left home before I would start planning to live with him, so I probably owe him some pretty made-specially-for-our-place stuff). Then I would keep the scraps for ages until I found some time to make little stuff for the aformentioned kids for their first-place-on-their-own-after-graduation.

I know what I’m like!

Very Berry Handmade

We live in exciting times when it comes to online shopping for fabrics – there seem to be new shops opening all the time. Setting up an online shop is an awful lot of hard work, and I always appreciate it when it has been done well. Secret Garden Quilting is a case in point.

Secret Garden Quilting logo

The shop is the lovely creation of Lucy Gurney (with some tech help from her husband). Lucy has always been a sewer, but became interested in patchwork and quilting when she was living in the United States during the 1990s (of course!). On her return to the UK, she enrolled in a sampler quilt course, and was hooked! Lucy’s goal is to open a quilt shop in her local area, but has started by taking her ‘pop-up’ shop to local quilt groups and village halls in the north Hertfordshire area and by opening her fab…

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  1. Lucy Gurney March 11, 2014 at 10:38

    Thank you for re-blogging. Good luck with the studying and the competition 🙂 .
    Lucy (www.SecretGardenQuilting.co.uk)

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