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Random acts of sewing

You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged very much since January when I finished the Rainbow Zigzag Quilt for my new niece . I just wanted to stop the world and get off for a while, if you know what I mean. Lots of things I do regularly just got to be a drag, and all of the ones that are voluntary got put on hold for a little while.

I have spent some quite a lot of  time reading other people’s blogs and I seem to have recovered my sewing mojo.

In the last 10 days I’ve probably done more sewing than I did in the last two months altogether and all of it has been spur of the moment stuff, using fabric I had in my stash.

First I made a hanging glasses pouch, then I pulled apart the mini-tote I made for myself so I could add a little inside pocket for my shopping list (my mini-tote is used my “bag of bags”  and holds all of my strong bags when I go to the supermarket).

A few days ago I made a holder/wrap/roll thingy for my crochet hooks and corner turners (you know that little pointy things that you use to poke your corners all the way out) with a little pocket for my crochet hook/knitting needle size gauge (otherwise I lose it/forget I have it), and a huge needlebook with a little pocket.

On Wednesday I made two infinity scarves, randomly, out of the blue (well actually out of some pink striped jersey and some purple and mint patterned jersey, but that’s not what I meant).

Last night I made some little drawstring pockets for my mp3 players and their headphones (one of my mp3 players is white with green details, the other is red, can you guess which pocket is for which player?) so I can find them more easily and not get the headphones tangled up in other stuff.

On impulse.

Just like that.

You’ll notice that all of these random acts of sewing were for me, and all of them were useful (March is still chilly in the UK, so a couple of warmish scarves are going to be useful to fill in the gap between my coat and my chin). That probably says a lot about my life or my state of mind right now, but I’m not the member of my family with a degree that includes psychology so I’m not going to try and analyse it, just notice and acknowledge that this is where I am.

I want to make another crochet hook/knitting needle roll for my mum for Mother’s Day in 10 days’ time. I’ve no idea whether I’ll get around to it, but I hope so. I’m not going to pressure myself to do it, but I already know what fabric I want to use.

I’m also planning another needlebook for myself, this time for machine needles. It will have a suede page for leather needles, a denim one for denim needles, a jersey one for jersey, an ordinary cotton one for “normal” fabrics. That way it should be really easy to find the needle I want when I need it, instead of rummaging through packets.

Having a break seems to have put the fun back into making stuff again, rather than the chore of churning things to for other people.

Sewing had been in danger of becoming a chore, while I wanted to make things for my nearest and dearest, I’m never good with deadlines and I had hit missed a few deadlines over new year, and felt bad about it, thus giving myself plenty of material to beat myself up with. I’ve put my “WIPs on Wednesday” on hold for a little while as well, there’s only a limited amount of reminding myself about unfinished stuff that I can to do before it becomes counter-productive. It’ll be back as an occasional thing and then eventually as a regular spot when I’ve got my head (and home) straight.

I’ve also restarted using my little notebook to jot down ideas of things to make. I write and draw instructions of how to make the thing that has just popped into my head so that I don’t get stressed trying to remember it and get around to making it before I forget. Once it’s written down I don’t need to remember it any more, as I can flick through and know exactly what I was aiming for just by looking at the drawing and the explanation.

I don’t live well with stress, and apparently trying to remember to do things makes me stressed.

Taking photos of pretty flowers doesn’t make me stressed 🙂

Hopeful Claire Bear

WIPs on Wednesday

Wednesday already? It seems like only yesterday that I was playing with my nephew and cooing over my new niece. I visited my sister for a few days at the end of last week and handed over my latest quilt:

I take commissions, and I’ve already had a few enquiries about designing and making personalised quilts.

My brother-in-law asked what I was planning to do for the boys in the family, since the girls (the two youngest of my parents’ grandchildren, both born in the last 12 months) have both had quilts made especially for them. I’ve been wondering that myself, and trying to work out if quilts made using denim for the top and blue or green flannelette or fleece for the backing would work. This one from the Quilt Lovers Guide is pretty much what I had in mind:

Three denim quilts are a bit of a big ask at the moment, and I’m not convinced that my sewing machine would cope with sewing denim until after it’s been serviced, so I’ll get back to my WIPs and hopefully get some of the following completed this week.

I still have to turn this pile of fabric:

into a cloak like this:

but black with a bright pink lining. It’s been a pile of fabric for quite a while an embarrassing length of time. It’s a big sewing job, so big it’s kinda scary.

This piece, from  the hexalong  I did, is still waiting to be turned into something useful:

If anyone has any good ideas (or any ideas, I’m not fussy) answers on a postcard please.

Lastly, I still need to make the January blocks for Craftsy’s Block of the Month (that I am doing as a quiltalong)

These are the patterns for January’s blocks:

and this is the fabric I have chosen to make the whole year’s-worth of quilt blocks from:

Have I actually started sewing or even cutting any of this?


And on that bombshell (to quote a certain TV car programme)…

Claire Bear

More WIPs here

WIPs on Wednesday

I finished these for my nephew (Yay!!)

Although I haven’t got any further with my upcycling, and I still need to turn this pile of (blurry) fabric;

into a cloak to go with this fancy dress outfit.

I think I have decided to make this;

into the side of a tote bag but I might change my mind (again) and it could end up being a wall hanging after all (but where would I hang it?). Or maybe sew it onto the back of a roll to store something in (like knitting needles) like these, over on  Diary of a Crafty Lady, My Little Nook, and Made by Loulabelle.

I need to do a lot of sewing for my family, but I can’t say what, because I suspect some of them read this blog and I want it all to be a surprise.

One thing finished this week, that’s a good start right?

Claire Bear

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