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Not so shabby

As you may have noticed I’m a bit of a blog junkie. I know I spend too much time reading other people’s blogs, but I can’t seem to (want to) do anything about that right now.

The upside of this is that I keep finding some of the great blogs and little gems out there in blogland.

Like Shabby Blogs, who has kindly supplied the little pink tags that are now sprinkled on my side bars (that’s to the left and right of this column, to the likes of you and me).

Not only does she have a huge variety of backgrounds and buttons and pics (oh my!) but there are free to download too.

aren’t the moving/blinking ones fab?

She only has one proviso,

So I am (sharing) and sending you to her blog, click on the last pic to visit ShabbyBlogs.com

Claire Bear  😉

favourite blogs – raspberry

Raspberry sews by machine like I do, but she’s got a different style and she embroiders by machine too.

In fact, it’s down to her that I started learning to stitch decoratively and not just to attach two pieces of fabric together.

You see what I mean if you look at my bags (one day I’ll get some photographed, I promise).

All her pieces are gorgeous and her photos are beautiful.I just want all of them.

Just stunning and perfect and so detailed.

Every time I read Raspberry’s blog I want to sew and sew and sew, and make beautiful things like she does.

I need to make little bags and big bags and pincushions and bunting (maybe not bunting, but maybe), but mostly I need to sit at my sewing machine and zoom.

Go see for yourself, and tell her I sent you.

Claire Bear

Remember this?

Remember this from a couple of posts back?

I like subtle colour graduations in my sewing  and although I like all of these fabrics individually, I wasn’t happy with them together like this.

Well I got some time the other day and undid it all and I’m now (relatively) happy with this layout:

A couple of hexagons have been removed and the rest of the unsewn ones added. I don’t know what I’m going to make it into when it’s finished (it’s almost pillowcase size), but at least I like how it looks now.

I quite like it on the brown background too.

Stitching has now restarted. I will show you what it looks like when I’ve finished it but it’ll take a while, so don’t go holding your breath or anything will you? 😉

Claire Bear

P.S.  UPDATE: I wrote this on Friday night and saved it so that I could blog it in a couple of days’ time.  Since then I have got so much sewing done that I thought I’d show you how far I got in the 24 hours after I took the layout photo above.

I was tempted to sew it on my machine (now that I can get to it!) as I would chain-piece a larger block-based quilt, but didn’t because I thought it might be a bit too fiddly. Hang on, I thought, chain-piecing might not be a bad idea. Not a traditional way of sewing hexagons, but the traditional way wasn’t working for me, so why not?

So I did.

Each of the columns you can see in the photo above was made into a little pile, and I just worked through one pile at a time, sewing one little seam at a time.  I took time out to get the bus to Mr ClaireBear’s parents’ home for his Dad’s birthday meal, and to go to the supermarket to get a week’s worth of shopping, and I slept.

This is how far I got in 24 hrs, which represents about 5 hours of actual sewing since the last photo:

Remember in my last post when I talked about how much chaos and stress slows me down and I end up doing nothing?

Amazing how much I can get done when I’m not stressed about things.

It took 3 months to sew 9 hexagons together when I wasn’t happy about where it was going, and just 5 hours over 1 day to sew 44 hexes together once I was.

Of course, it’s still not finished, and I have no idea what I’m going to do with it. I can’t make it into a bag, pillow-case or a cushion cover, because I won’t take the strain of that kind of use.

I’ve uploaded it to my flickr account and I’m going to see what the others in Lily’s Quilts’ hexalong group have to suggest.

I might just back it and quilt it and turn it into a wall-hanging, I’ve never done a wall-hanging before, it could be my first.

Let the compliments begin 😉

Claire Bear

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