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So tired and so happy

I went to my first ever quilt show today.

Only the largest in Europe: the Festival of Quilts at the NEC.

No point doing things by halves.

My feet still ache and I may never walk again (not until tomorrow at least)

Has to show you some piccy’s before I go for a well deserved lie down (for about 20 hours)

I need to find another way of expressing awe at a great quilt, I must have said “Oh Wow!” about 350 times today.

If you’re going Saturday or Sunday, take a bottle of water, something to nibble on and maybe some painkillers (you won’t want to stop if your feet start aching).  I wonder if I can book tickets for next year yet?

Good news:
the facilities are good, lots of chairs and benches for you to sit on in the two food areas even if you brought your own, and everyone is so POLITE and HAPPY!

More photos and a proper write-up of my day as soon as my legs have stopped being annoyed with me.

Blissed out ClaireBear

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