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favourite blogs – stumbles and stitches

I was catching up on my blog reading yesterday (I sorted out an RSS reader for myself, so that I could spend less time finding them and more time reading, like I said I wanted too here) and I found an old favourite Stumbles and Stitches .

Stumbles and Stitches have the honour of being the second blog ever that I started reading/following regularly (you’ll have to wait to find out which was the first blog I started reading).

Goodness knows how I found it (so long ago), probably on Facebook via Networked Blogs. Stumbles and Stitches are two friends in the USA, Angel and Jenny, who decided to keep in touch with a blog when one of them moved a long way away.

Their blog reads like a letter to each other. You get to see the crafting and sewing that each friend has done and their comments on each others work . Angel and Jenny are both good writers, so Stumbles and Stitches is easy to read, and has lots of good photos and the tutorials are easy to follow (who could want more?).

These are some of the tutorials they have done recently;

Hanging Stocking Ornaments

some very handy roll up totes

and my personal favourite Pocket Pouch  (because I can see this turned into a handbag for me with a nice long strap attached)

See what I mean about the great photos?

I’m off to turn a spare chest of drawers into this:

but maybe not so pink.

Why don’t you hop over to Stumbles and Stitches and have a look for yourself?

Tell them I sent you.


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