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new corsages on Etsy

at least, there will be when Etsy decides to listen to my computer and lets me list them. In the meantime, I had to show them off somewhere.

Can you spot a theme in the photos? Yes, the photographic props have come out. Today is the turn of the top hat, once I had finished chasing my (teenage) son (home for the weekend from university) round the house with it on his head!

Yes there is a wedding theme to my photos this weekend, and to my new corsages too.

Apparently, there is some wedding going on in London in almost a fortnight’s time, I don’t know if you’ve heard?

I wouldn’t normally get excited about someone else’s wedding (unless I knew at least one of the people involved of course) but I’m doing some wedding themed corsages for a fancy dress party over that weekend, and wedding fever suddenly hit me!

I have off-white faux-embroidered corsages, and red white and blue satin ones, I have white chiffon and pearl corsages and grey striped and black striped ones (think morning dress: those very formal long black or grey jackets with the black and grey striped trousers).

Here is just a taste. I’ll put one or two of each up on Etsy this evening just so you can see (and maybe snap one up in anticipation of the big day).

Although my invite to the big do in London seems to have been mislaid in the post, it’s not just W+K who are tying the knot this year. You may be a wedding guest needing a beautiful corsage sooner than you think.


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